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27. září 2009, 02:56:22
Subjekt: Re:
wetware: I never used Avast, the ads appeared in Avira :)

27. září 2009, 02:07:20
Papa Zoom 
Subjekt: Re:
wetware:  Am currently using Avira.  I've read good reviews on it but have also read good reviews on Avast.  I am considering buying the pro version of the one I like the best. 

27. září 2009, 02:05:11
Subjekt: Re:
Gordon Shumway:  I've been a happy avast! Home Edition user for many years.  Not sure why you get ads, though.  I never see any.  I do get notifications of updated versions of the software or definitions, but those don't seem at all obtrusive to me.

27. září 2009, 00:31:27
Subjekt: Re:
Artful Dodger:
I have been using Avast and I like it. I did try AVG but it seemed to slow down my computer to much.

26. září 2009, 22:20:38
Subjekt: Re:
Artful Dodger: I haven't tried Avast. What I found annoying about Avira was the advertisement window that popped up on every update. I like my AVG, but I am only really happy with it since I have more than one CPU core.

26. září 2009, 20:55:14
Papa Zoom 
Subjekt: Re:
Artful Dodger:  The three free ones I'm considering




Any thoughts on theses?

26. září 2009, 19:31:49
Papa Zoom 
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: I'm using McAffe but am thinking of getting rid of it for another.  I've heard good things about Avast and Avg. 

26. září 2009, 17:53:40
Subjekt: Re:
Změněno uživatelem Snoopy (26. září 2009, 18:03:11)
MadMonkey: okay this might be a total coninsdence and i know that isnt spelt right..lol

but ever since i downloaded the http://free.avg.com/download-file-stb-afe this morning
firefox has frozen solid twice so far very annoying has ive got to reboot every time

i should add its only happening on firefox i can use google with 3 windows open and its fine

26. září 2009, 12:33:48
Subjekt: Re:
Artful Dodger: I normally install AVG Free Edition for people whos PC / LapTops i have fixed

26. září 2009, 07:45:59
Papa Zoom 
Recommended free anti-virus program from the group.  Thoughts?  :)

25. září 2009, 20:46:26
Subjekt: Re:
rabbitoid: Well i don't pay and never have. The new Thunderbird handles numerous email clients (and it is still Beta). As long as you have your email addy & password it will do it all for you. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work it.

(V): Yes, it does download them, BUT it is as secure as you can want, and this is the last Beta release.

I will leave it up to you all, i think its great, designed by web users, for web users. If you dont like it dont use it....simple

25. září 2009, 13:56:18
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: Thunderbird.. it ain't like Outlook express where you download emails to your PC is it?

Why.. I don't like the idea of downloading emails, never have. the system sounds interesting, but my concern of limiting possible infection, causes me to prefer the likes of yahoo.

25. září 2009, 13:36:09
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: You interest me. You said your yahoo mail goes into the bird? I thought using mail clients with yahoo is a paid service?

25. září 2009, 13:17:42
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: Opera has been my email client for years now, and I benefit from just that - internet browsing and email/RSS reader integration into a single application.

25. září 2009, 12:41:59
Subjekt: Re:
rabbitoid: Well yes & no. Like i said, this is an add-on. As with Firefox you dont have to use it that way. I just think its a good idea. Why open another application and take up more Ram, when you can do it from where you are.

There are some add-ons for Firefox that i could not get by with out, and what i find funnier is other browsers are actually building them into there software. Resizeable Textarea, being the foremost i think.

I have a googlemail account as well (that goes direct to Thunderbird, along with my Yahoo), and yes you get loads of space. Sad that yet again yesterday Gmail, went wrong - HERE. Twice in 2 weeks now.

I like going to one place and being able to do everything i could wish to do, and its fast as well.

Of course when i am on the web, i will use Firefox mainly. Well Prism when i am on brainking, as i do not think there is anything faster

25. září 2009, 12:05:37
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: I'm not sure I like that.
One of the main reproaches against MS is that they always try to build "the program of everything", which looks fine as an idea, until you realise that:
- it is impossible to have only the parts you want, you get (and will have to use) everything or nothing.
- if one thing doesn't work (and which program is bugfree?) nothing does.
And Mozilla, apparently, is following the same glorious path. What could possibly be the advantage of combining those two distinct functions (browsing and email management) in a single program?

As for thunderbird, I myself have practically no more use for it, with webmail servers such as yahoo or google offering unlimited space and fast access. I use it almost exclusively to browse newsgroups.

25. září 2009, 10:51:54
Time to do a little more promoting

Not for Firefox (for a change lol), but for Mozilla's Email client

I have been using Thunderbird for a while now, and have 5 Email accounts all accessed from there, as well as the latest News & Sports RSS feeds. So there it is all i need, in one place.

Now, this week i downloaded there last Beta release of the next version of Thunderbird (3.0b4). This has many new features, but what i think is the best bit is just like when you are browsing the web, you can open Emails in new Tabs (or Windows if you wish). OK, nothing special about that i hear. UNTIL you instal the ThunderBrowse add-on.

In short, when your friends send you stuff to read (Newsletter, RSS feed etc...), and send you a nice little link to click on, ThunderBrowse add browsings functions to Thunderbird. You can easily save time, space, and memory usage by opening up the website within Thunderbird as it usses the same technology as Firefox.

Anyway, thats my little gabble, i think its an awsome idea. I can do everything i want without even opening a browser like Firefox (IE, Chrome etc...)

23. září 2009, 11:48:17
Subjekt: Re:
pauloaguia: I was thinking about installing Ubuntu beside XP, as thats an option on the instalation disk

As for Windows 7.....i may give it a try, its a very popular donwload on some Torrent sites lol

23. září 2009, 11:41:18
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: the only reason i got this new pc was because i lost the use of my smilies on the old one
but it was at the time that shops were not selling any more XP's so i didnt really have any choice but if i had waited another month they scrapped that idea

23. září 2009, 11:36:53
Subjekt: Re:
rabbitoid: Yep. I've been using Ubuntu for over a year now. At first I even gave myself the trouble of going configuring Opera properly to share the same profile from both Windows and Linux. But it's been months since I last booted my laptop on Windows .
I'm also one of those guys that accomplishes a lot of things through the command line, so I can find my way around problems rather easily. But, even for the basic user, the foruns of the Ubuntu community provide lots of help, sometimes.

MadMonkey: From what I've heard it seems like Windows 7 is a whole lot better than vista. This comes even from some M$ ceptics, so there could be some thuth behind those feelings.
As for Ubuntu, give it a go for at least a week or two before making your mind up. There are bound to be things you miss from Windows... There are bound to be things you'll be missing from it if you get back to Windows, back it takes some time to find out about what you don't know it's there

23. září 2009, 11:30:26
Subjekt: Re:
Snoopy: Well, a lot of the problems have now been sorted. (apart from the security hole they found last week, that is in Vista AND Windows 7, which may now be sorted).
As Microsoft admit thereselves, it should never have been released when it was.
The main issues were a lack of proper drivers for it & application compatibility issues.
I even got this email link the other day from PC-Pro - Microsoft admits Vista was less than good.
Of course many of the issues have now beed resolved, which is ironic as they are just releasing Windows 7.
I am a great believer in that is something is not broke, do not try and fix it.
XP has been by far there most stable operating system, although now like i say i am going to give Ubuntu a try on one of my spare PCs. I used Vista when i was working, and never had any real problems, and most of the PCs & Laptops i repair now all seem to be Vista installed ones.
My only advice is if you buy a new PC / Laptop with Vista on, make sure you have decent Avti-Virus and Spyware product (AVG & Spybot S & D are fine, but there are others), and make sure you download there latest service pack (i think it is SP2)

23. září 2009, 07:13:40
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: I've been working with Unix on and off for almost 30 years professionally. I had first installed a pure Debian at home in the early 2000, but became a bit dissatisfied with the slow update of the versions. Ubuntu updates the whole lot of its distribution twice a year, and so far I've been very satisfied with it.

As a pro, I like the fact that when there is something that doesn't work as I like, I can relatively easily do something about it. With windows, forget it. just reboot, reinstall, curse...

For a simple user, The linux distributions in general have now become very easy to install and use. There are now free alternatives to most of what Microsoft has to offer, which in general work better than the originals.

There are downsides, of course. Many software makers produce only for windows, so if you need a particular software, you may need windows after all. I personally don't, the few things that I use work fine with the windows emulator inside linux.

23. září 2009, 01:58:11
Subjekt: Re:
Změněno uživatelem Snoopy (23. září 2009, 09:25:40)
MadMonkey: and thought its worth a try, especially if Windows 7 is as bad as Vista

really ive been using Vista for over a year now and i havnt had one problem with it

can you tell me what problems Vista is suppose to have so i know what to look out for?

23. září 2009, 00:11:41
Subjekt: Re:
rabbitoid: Have you ? I have been thinking about it.

Then the other day Ubuntu had a stall in our local Town Centre giving DVD Roms away. I had a nice long chat with the guy, and thought its worth a try, especially if Windows 7 is as bad as Vista

How do you find it ? Takes a bit of getting used to i would imagine. Good that all the software is Open source

23. září 2009, 00:06:16
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: I've been using ubuntu the last 2 years.

22. září 2009, 23:32:26
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey:just to give first aid to broken windows... .

but for that issue, it works fine.

tell more about zour experience, cause i am thinking about a permanent ubuntu-disk, too... v;-)

22. září 2009, 21:10:44
Just a quickie

Anyone here use Ubuntu ?

Just installed it on another pc at home to see what it is like

15. září 2009, 13:32:40
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
diogenysos: Maybe. Probaly sour grapes... they have been finding themselves on the wrong end of the law recently alot.

Maybe Bill is not happy he's making so much money now.. as if he needs more!!

15. září 2009, 10:24:32
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (15. září 2009, 10:25:27)
Maybe they're doing it on purpose?!

I uninstalled the latest "windows-security-update" (from the 9th of September)
and now firefox 3.x is working fine...

Just another poor attempt to "push" the IE?

13. září 2009, 13:32:59
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
diogenysos: Weird.. I'm using firefox 3.5.3 and having no problems (Win XP) ... I heard there were some 'glitches' but things are fine.

13. září 2009, 10:50:28
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
(V):That sounds interesting and ill go and prove it - as i experienced the bug on an xp- _and_ a vista-computer...
browsing through all the firefox-chatrooms i meet some people who have the same probs... but one user even under linux...
this would mean the bug has nothing to do with the MS updates - but well, ill give it a try anyway!

13. září 2009, 10:20:01
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
diogenysos: Sounds like an update glitch from Microsoft then. I'm only saying that as one of their updates caused conflicts with our internet security software. I'd go through any recent updates from them and uninstall the latest... or give them a call and get advice!!

The other option is... http://www.combofix.org/ .......... It's a desktop run program that scans deep and gives a full report on the likes of registry issues. But make sure ( as prompted) you use the back up option first.

But I'd lean towards it being an update conflict.

13. září 2009, 09:56:50
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
(V):Hehe, first time i experienced that bug, i uninstalled that firefox 3.5 and installed version 2.xx and all worked fine.
This time even that trick does not work v;-)

12. září 2009, 12:34:53
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
diogenysos: Last time something like this happened to me, turned out to be an Upgrade problem to do with Microsoft's automatic updates.

But you could try un-installing Firefox and installing a previous version.

12. září 2009, 12:32:09
Subjekt: Re: Help
furbster: It's not so much cheapness....going for good deals, etc... it's about power and upgrading. Quite honestly, you should be going for dual core machines, or at least a beefed up Pentium 4 or equiv. If you want a machine that'll last a few years.

Thing is with this recession, it's become a buyers market.. so do shop around.

12. září 2009, 09:37:44
Subjekt: Another firefox bug:

On at least two computers, firefow disappeares but not!

So there is no firefox window open, no active program.

Then, after starting firefox again, nothing happens or - sometimes -

the error window appears saying "firefox is already executed".

And indeed, launching the task manager, the process "firefow.exe" is listed.

Turning the process off and restarting firefox solves the problem...

12. září 2009, 09:34:39
Subjekt: again!

...the same behaviour!

I just updated my firefox (now 3.5.3) and immediately after restarting the browser tells me that the requested URL is not available.

Switching to IE, all works.


Its exactly the same i described before. Turned all firewalls off - nothing.

11. září 2009, 17:13:49
Subjekt: Help
Hi, i am thinking about buying a new pc and making a wireless network at home, i literally only want the computer for playing on a few game sites online and other general uses.

If i brought a cheap PC would this be ideal? I would like to connect 2 pc's and my xbox.

thanks in advance.

29. srpna 2009, 13:59:11
Subjekt: Re: Firefox bug?
diogenysos: Ghost in the machine??!!??

29. srpna 2009, 11:26:06
Subjekt: Re: Firefox bug?

Yep. It's the 3.5.2  -  but strange: i downgraded to 3.0 with an older CD and now its updated to 3.5.2 again and works fine!
Two other friends experienced the same and it was solved in the same way... .

Rabittoid: well, in the preferences there was nothing in (no proxy).

I was just curious cause this happened to others too if that was a well-known bug but doesn´t seem to be so ;-)

29. srpna 2009, 11:18:42
Subjekt: Re: Firefox bug?
diogenysos: Maybe the browser had problems recovering the connection data? verify the settings in the "version that works" against "the version that doesn't"
it's all in Preferences->Advanced->Network->Settings

29. srpna 2009, 11:08:06
Subjekt: Re: Firefox bug?
diogenysos: Which version do you mean 3.5.2 ?

29. srpna 2009, 09:45:09
Subjekt: Firefox bug?
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (29. srpna 2009, 09:49:02)
Hello everyone - i experienced an inability to connect with the internet after upgrading to the latest firefox-version
 and the same happened to a couple of other users here on Lanzarote.

The Internet Explorer still worked "fine" (the word "fine" shouldnt be used cause after working with firefox for a couple of years the work with IE is like an essential downgrade...
)  and in Firefox the warning "internet connection does not seem to be working" appeared.
Turning firewalls off didnt help (this was suggested by the official firefox-help-site), only deinstalling the browser and installing an earlier version.

Somebody experienced similar things and/or knows whats behind this?

11. srpna 2009, 19:48:48
Subjekt: Re:
pauloaguia: lol, i know, thats why i added thte bit at the bottom about proof-reading, or if you are going to copy a page of information to post somewhere else. Could even check Fencer Blog

Just a little thing i though i would pass on

11. srpna 2009, 19:42:40
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: Works on Opera and IE too (in IE it doesn't spell-check, since this browser doesn't have that feature - but the page goes into edit mode).

But what's the point of spell-checking an email AFTER you send it?

11. srpna 2009, 18:11:06
A little ditty for today........

Firefox includes a built-in spellchecker that lets you know when you're misspelling words in an email or other text entry box. But what if you want to spellcheck an email that's already been sent or a web site that's already been published.
In Firefox it is simple......Type

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

into your address bar. If you find it useful, I recommend that you store that code as a bookmark, I call it Spell Check for example.

Of course any changes will not be stored and any changes would be gone the next time you load the page, BUT still immensley useful for proofreading etc....

6. srpna 2009, 14:20:55
Firefox gets billionth download - Less than five years after it launched, Mozilla's open-source browser has hit the billion download milestone.

3. srpna 2009, 15:17:42
Subjekt: Re: archive downloading.......
sundiro50: They're actually JellyFish match files. Basically they contain game notation so that you can open and review the game on a software that supports that format.

3. srpna 2009, 13:48:54
Subjekt: Re: archive downloading.......
sundiro50: Well, i had never heard of a .mat extension so i looked it up

There are 3 different types, so i guess it would be handy to know which one we are dealing with.

The most common one is a Microsoft one (Microsoft Access Table = MAT), and to open it you need Microsoft Access. You can download a free 60day trial of it, BUT it should be part of Microsoft Office (do not know about 2003 version).

Look HERE to see other .mat extensions

3. srpna 2009, 12:06:54
John Rivenburg 
Subjekt: archive downloading.......
When a person downloads Backgammon games from the archive they end up in a .mat extension....I am having no luck opening these files. What happens is : I am getting an error saying: not a valid shortcut....I am running Microsoft Office 2003,....and have tried what I know, but with no luck,.....Any help forthcoming will be greatly appreciated....... :-)

John sundiro50

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