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 World of Sport

Most of us have Sports we follow or play. Here is a place we can discuss any Sport from any country in the world.

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17. března 2018, 18:36:53
Subjekt: Never thought I'd see the day.......
a #16 seed has beaten a #1 seed at the big dance!

16. října 2017, 22:53:25
Cross Eyed Mary 
Subjekt: Re: WMF World Cup
Pedro Martínez: Well done to the team and especially to Labbeda.

16. října 2017, 22:52:33
Subjekt: Re: Dwight Clark....
ketchuplover: My cousin passed away last summer from ALS. She lived 6 years after her diagnoses. Some people live much longer. They usually pass in their sleep.

16. října 2017, 22:22:47
Pedro Martínez 
Subjekt: WMF World Cup
Let me congratulate the Czech national minifootball team on winning the 2017 World Cup, including their goalkeeper, a BK member, Labbeda! Well played!

20. března 2017, 15:15:33
Subjekt: Dwight Clark....
has ALS

26. února 2017, 21:08:14
Subjekt: Go...

6. února 2017, 17:25:49
Subjekt: Re: PATS ROCK!!!

It was definitely a Super game

6. února 2017, 04:34:38
Subjekt: PATS ROCK!!!

11. srpna 2016, 09:46:27
The Col 
Anyone interested in joining a fun fantasy league is welcome to join.Active managers are encouraged, draft on the 24th

12. července 2016, 20:28:37
Subjekt: Re: European Champions
Doris and ketchuplover: Thank you :)))

12. července 2016, 01:53:46
Subjekt: Re: European Champions


11. července 2016, 21:22:04
Subjekt: Re: European Champions
Undertaker.: Congratulations!

11. července 2016, 20:18:44
Subjekt: European Champions
Portuuuuugaaaalllllllllllllll :))))))

4. června 2016, 13:52:52
"I am the Greatest," Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) has died at age 74 following a long battle with Parkinson's Disease. Long live the champ.

6. května 2016, 17:45:23
Subjekt: Way to go Leister City
5000:1 odds on winning the English Premier League title. I am not a soccer fan per say, but I have to say that is quite impressive.

18. listopadu 2015, 16:12:22
Subjekt: R.I.P...
Jonah Lomu

3. června 2015, 01:37:55
Subjekt: The President...
of FIFA will step down eventually

6. dubna 2015, 11:25:19
Subjekt: Please root for the...
Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball team tonight. Thank you very much

19. února 2015, 23:36:22
The Col 
Subjekt: Yahoo Fantasy baseball
I just created a 12 team fantasy league for players from here and Goldtoken.It should be a fun year, 2 spots are gone already, here's the link, and of course it's free.You do need a yahoo ID though


2. února 2015, 15:40:36
great game!...closely matched. New England made their fair share of mistakes,but was able to recover.
Seattle just made their mistakes at the worst possible time. shoulda woulda coulda it happens! lol
overall a fantastic game though. My hats off to both teams!

2. února 2015, 15:13:04
Jim Dandy 
Subjekt: Re:
Papa Zoom: I'm learning to decipher instead of just watching for commercials. I'll admit I didn't know what the big deal was til this morning when armchair quarterbacks were talking about it.

2. února 2015, 06:58:40
Papa Zoom 
Subjekt: Re:
torry: one yard line....run the ball! But it was a great game.

2. února 2015, 04:10:10
Jim Dandy 
Great game. Love the Matthews and Butler stories.

2. února 2015, 02:45:06
Jim Dandy 
Seahawks! Woohoo!

31. ledna 2015, 20:05:46
Papa Zoom 
Subjekt: Re:

30. ledna 2015, 16:01:49
A low scoring Super Bowl needs to happen if Seattle is to win. I think it will happen. Seattle 21 New England 17.

30. ledna 2015, 10:22:09
Subjekt: Re:
Papa Zoom:

Seahawks 27 Patriots 24

29. ledna 2015, 15:10:21
Walter Montego 
Subjekt: Re:
rod03801: I'll take the "Over" on that, Rod!

29. ledna 2015, 14:58:50
Subjekt: Re:
Papa Zoom: Deflategate will be said 87 times during the game.

29. ledna 2015, 05:47:30
Patriots 28
Seahawks 21

28. ledna 2015, 23:37:58
Papa Zoom 
Predictions on the super bowl?

22. ledna 2015, 10:56:18
Subjekt: Mike McCarthy's brother...
passed away very recently at age 47. May he RIP.

19. ledna 2015, 20:45:15
Walter Montego 
Subjekt: Re: GO.........
Brian1971: I agree with that! I was thinking Seattle did well to be down just 13 to 0 in the first quarter. 17 or 21 to 0 and the rally at the end could not have happened.

19. ledna 2015, 18:38:18
Subjekt: Re: GO.........
Walter Montego: I am a lifelong Packers fan. I am tired already of every one blaming Bostick for messing up on the onside kick. The Packers should have scored more points off the 5 turnovers and then Seattle would never had been able to come back. Also the defense at the end was way too soft. They should have stayed more aggressive. Kudos to Seattle for winning the game but the Packers lost the game more than Seattle won it.

19. ledna 2015, 18:28:00
Walter Montego 
Subjekt: Re: GO.........
ketchuplover: Yes, that was an amazing game, but a very sad loss for the team I was rooting for. Up by 12 points with just a few minutes left in the game and having led 16 to 0 at the half. Seattle's first touchdown on the fake field goal thrown by their punter was an omen of more to come. It is hard to believe how Seattle managed to win that game. The successful onside kick, that improbable two point conversion, Green Bay's long field goal in the rain to send it into overtime, and that blazing touchdown drive for Seattle to win on the first possession in overtime.

19. ledna 2015, 16:06:25
Subjekt: Re: GO.........

they actually won the first 3 and a half quarters ..

19. ledna 2015, 12:51:23
Subjekt: Re: GO.........
Walter Montego:

They won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...........................................the first half

18. ledna 2015, 18:03:09
Walter Montego 
Subjekt: Re: GO.........
ketchuplover: I'll be rooting for them too. :)

18. ledna 2015, 10:36:59
Subjekt: GO.........
Změněno uživatelem ketchuplover (18. ledna 2015, 10:43:22)
Green Bay Packers

16. listopadu 2014, 08:15:05
Subjekt: Kudos to...
Melvin Gordon for his record setting 408 yards rushing yesterday

31. října 2014, 12:24:52
Good point

31. října 2014, 00:27:37
The Col 
Subjekt: Re: NBA 2014-15
ketchuplover: Most any other team, and I'd be surprised

30. října 2014, 19:33:36
Subjekt: NBA 2014-15
Milwaukee Bucks blew a 24 point lead

6. října 2014, 21:32:23
Subjekt: Re: Dennis Kimetto....
Walter Montego: Apparently he ran with other runners near his ability and they spurred him on. And or he's a fanatic.

6. října 2014, 11:38:08
Walter Montego 
Subjekt: Re: Dennis Kimetto....
ketchuplover: I've been thinking about this post. It is incredible that anyone can run a marathon in the first place, let alone in under three hours.

2 hours, 3 minutes? Wow! How can someone maintain a pace of faster than 12 miles per hour that long? This person is running 5 minute miles for two hours.

If I could run 6 miles per hour for four hours, which is a pace of 10 minute miles, I still wouldn't even have run the 26.2 miles of a marathon. I can imagine a faster pace being more efficient, but there's got to be a trade off as the speed increases.

28. září 2014, 12:34:44
Subjekt: Dennis Kimetto....
is the first person to run a marathon in under 2hrs 3 minutes

21. září 2014, 23:00:47
Poland - Men's World Champion!

14. července 2014, 11:39:43
Subjekt: Germany....
won the World Cup!

11. července 2014, 19:30:11
The Col 
Subjekt: LeBron picks Cleveland

His publicity staff really had to work overtime to frame this move in a positive light, but Cavs fans are eating it up.In a perfect world they tell him "no thanks"

6. července 2014, 10:54:44
Subjekt: World Cup semifinals are a B.A.N.G

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