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 Other game sites

BrainKing has never been afraid of a competition :-) Here are a few other turn-based game sites:

- Gold Token - Many different games
- Dragonheels' Lair - Many different games
- Pocket Monkey - Many different games
- Little Golem - Many different games
- ItsYourTurn - Many different games (not updated for years)
- Daily Gammon - Backgammon Games only
- Chess Corner - Chess Games only
These 3 sites of "sister" sites of each other, with many types of games:
- Brettspielnetz(German) | - Jij Bent!(Dutch) | - Your Turn My Turn(English)

Please keep things positive. Best advise I believe is to try out different sites. Find what works well for you. If you don't like it, don't go back and try another site. Nothing says you only have to play on 1 site. At one time, I played on about 6 different turn-based game sites.

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14. února 2018, 19:42:41
Stepanov Oleg 
Subjekt: Belorusia, Ukrainian, Russian site
Here is a lot of chess games, Othello and Halma 10x10 too...

This is from my city...

27. ledna 2018, 14:35:59
Subjekt: Re: IYT

I have left IYT permanently but I still like that site :)

26. ledna 2018, 16:48:39
Subjekt: Re: For those interested in unrated games...

At least twice I was unable to make a particular chess move and or move a particular piece. No response from the site monkeys so I left indefinitely.

22. ledna 2018, 18:08:18
Subjekt: Re: chessconquest.com...
ketchuplover: new website to open on March,30 2018

10. ledna 2018, 16:10:55
Subjekt: For those interested in unrated games...
www.allmixedup.com does not have ratings

10. ledna 2018, 16:09:08
Subjekt: Re: chessmoon.com...

A few days ago that site gave me a premium membership in exchange for 1000 site credits

7. ledna 2018, 23:31:18
Subjekt: Site default language is French
If someone needs a translation from french to english, I can help. (I’m French).

7. ledna 2018, 21:19:26
has been replaced by http://cwc.ajec-echecs.fr .... Site default language is French. I suggest using the latest chrome browser update with translator for best results

7. ledna 2018, 20:44:47
Subjekt: Re: chessmoon.com...

Renewal = $15 now

27. prosince 2017, 04:13:46
Subjekt: Re: Belated happy 17th anniversary to...
ketchuplover: I thought 17th was furnishings.

27. prosince 2017, 03:32:19
Subjekt: Re: Belated happy 17th anniversary to...

I received a 60 day Silver Membership recently

23. prosince 2017, 21:12:52
is offering a Christmas Package. See site for details.

12. prosince 2017, 14:55:28
Subjekt: plasticbishop.com....
is registered at namecheap.com

21. listopadu 2017, 17:01:04
Subjekt: chesscorner.net
has run out of subscribers

16. listopadu 2017, 18:55:00
Subjekt: Re: boards
winterangels: maybe they remove the boards or something

16. listopadu 2017, 18:36:37
Subjekt: boards
where did all the favorte boa to have alot now i only have 3 where did they go?

15. listopadu 2017, 19:53:33
Subjekt: chessconquest.com...
Změněno uživatelem ketchuplover (15. listopadu 2017, 19:55:44)
is being updated. see the forums there for more details. thank you

10. listopadu 2017, 18:39:57
Subjekt: There is one subscriber remaining...
at chesscorner.net.

25. října 2017, 17:10:17
Subjekt: chessfordollars.com...
is looking for players for 4-player chess. Please see the topic 4-player chess there in the forums. Thank you

7. října 2017, 17:29:03
Subjekt: Re: To see a list of chess playing sites...

in the mood for bumping

29. září 2017, 19:55:56
Subjekt: Re: chessrex.com...
ketchuplover: and is NOT infected

26. srpna 2017, 19:34:23
Subjekt: chessrex.com...
is worth checking out imo

21. srpna 2017, 17:20:14
Subjekt: I paid $95 in 2002...
for a lifetime membership at gameknot.com . Please contact gameknot about the availability and cost. Best wishes.

20. srpna 2017, 05:11:56
Subjekt: Lowest Cost of Paid Membership on Similar Sites
1 year = 14.10 USD at yourturnmyturn.com

Lifetime = 212.4 USD at dragonheelslair.com

19. srpna 2017, 21:25:51
Subjekt: Re: Dailygammon
Sylfest Strutle:

it's alive today

19. srpna 2017, 20:22:35
Subjekt: Re: www.ajaxplay.com...

Any games I create there vanish by the next day

19. srpna 2017, 20:19:56
Subjekt: Re: chessmail.org...

update! now 30 games simultaneously!

1. července 2017, 17:37:47
Subjekt: Tetris
I created a site to play. Who wants to try it? http://mickael.pusku.com

28. června 2017, 03:45:26
hunter x hunter online is quite good, if you play hunter games and like .the anime hunter x hunter.

4. června 2017, 09:53:08
Subjekt: mychess.eu...
has no ratings if that suits your fancy

25. května 2017, 21:10:24
Subjekt: chessclan.com...
is for sale

22. května 2017, 11:44:17
http://hunter.unigame.me/ is another nice game site.

15. května 2017, 15:23:25
Subjekt: chessfordollars.com might....
feature chessplus someday.

8. května 2017, 12:48:24
Subjekt: For your perusal...

12. dubna 2017, 21:05:43
Subjekt: bugcafe.net is...
Změněno uživatelem ketchuplover (12. dubna 2017, 21:14:17)
moving to a new server soon. you may have to use bugcafe.com.au for best results until things are squared away.

8. dubna 2017, 12:50:40
Subjekt: dragonheelslair.com.......
7 new tourneys have been created. all are welcome. best wishes.

23. března 2017, 07:52:29
Subjekt: luffy games
my alltime favorite game is luffy games,Have you ever heard of it?try:http://onepiece.gogames.me/

17. března 2017, 21:56:38
Subjekt: net-chess.com.........
recently turned 18 y/o

2. března 2017, 12:34:55
Subjekt: To see a list of chess playing sites...
register at chessfordollars.com then find forums then find Other Chess Sites then find the 8th post on page 2 (it wouldn't hurt to see the entire topic either imo) happy hunting

2. března 2017, 01:46:58
Subjekt: chessage.com........
Změněno uživatelem ketchuplover (2. března 2017, 02:42:17)
is for sale! $2095! HugeDomains.com! Domain Expert 1-303-893-0552

Site has/had about 210 players. Don't know how many were active. Features seldom used forums.

siteprice.org saus its worth $429

ps. chessage is/was free ... I vaguely recall a donation page and or link

19. února 2017, 13:54:17
Subjekt: Re: Chess960

chess.com...lichess.org...https://chess960.net (just found it today)...chess-server.net...schemingmind.com...chessmaniac.com ...and of course ask Mr.Google ....happy hunting

19. února 2017, 05:58:54
Subjekt: Chess960
What are the best Chess sites offering chess960 tournaments? Chess960 is also known as Fischer random Chess.

16. února 2017, 07:39:46
Subjekt: games
Gameknot.com is my favorite site.

11. února 2017, 22:23:43
Hi all,

With the conversation over the last month or so about other gaming sites, I thought I would add one that I don't see anyone mentioning yet.  I play on another site that is entirely different than turn based individual games.  It is a game that involves politics, building cities (in the sense of seeing how many cities you have and what you in them), building and establishing your military, little battles to all out war, positioning your political stance with other nations, building alliances, establishing commerce / trading, etc.

I have found it very fun over the last few months and thought maybe a few of you may have interest in it as well.

The game is called:  "Politics and War"

I'd be happy to talk to anyone about it in a game message there or via a PM here.

Good luck all.


7. února 2017, 18:05:13
Subjekt: Re: Other Game Sites
dragongoserver.net is good to play go turn-based

4. února 2017, 22:21:47
Subjekt: Re: Other Game Sites
coan.net: Pente.net, which I have not been on in a couple years, worked well.

30. ledna 2017, 19:52:38
Subjekt: Re:
Brian1971: yes send an invite.

30. ledna 2017, 19:50:45
Subjekt: Re:
Fitzmertz: I just started playing there primarily for the cribbage. Maybe we can play a game sometime.

25. ledna 2017, 01:23:11
Subjekt: Other game sites
online-go.com great analyze function for correspondence

24. ledna 2017, 21:21:21
Red hot pawn is quite good, if you play chess.

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