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15. května 2014, 01:40:30
Subjekt: Re: In Europe........
ketchuplover: Thought a while aout that and am still not sure what to think. Because it feels right what you say, but I am asking myself how to handle for example books. Lets say you sold a book about chess strategy one day and twenty years later you do not agree with yourself any more. Do you have the right to make all owners of your book put it into the dustbin?

What is with newspapers and any printed item in the worlds archives?

...and so on...

17. ledna 2014, 19:32:53
Subjekt: Re: I'm not a fan of..........
crosseyed: well, internet explorer is causing lots of trouble for decades - java usually not :-D

17. ledna 2014, 14:16:30
Subjekt: Re: I'm not a fan of..........
crosseyed: good to know. only with update 51 or earlier versions also? I never experienced any problem with it before.

2. května 2013, 11:08:28
Subjekt: Firefox-Browser on TOR for Mac - Javascript and Flash
Hi all,

I am trying to install TOR on my Mac, which is a software for anonymous browsing. It comes with an inbuilt firefox-like browser, but with no extension.

Up to now I wasnt able to install shockwave/flash add-ons to be able to watch TV-streams while using TOR.

There are some installation-tips in the web and I tried a lot...

Any suggestions?

7. července 2012, 10:19:57
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: did they? Where? In the shareware-reminder-window?

18. března 2012, 10:30:44
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: well, in libre-office it might be still more or less an office file, so to make sure it isnt that i would still try the .pdf (there are several freeware options in the www that do this job)

16. března 2012, 12:33:10
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: did you try a different software? You should be able to export your office-files into a .pdf for example and then open and print it using the adobe reader (or better adobe acrobat if you have this commercial software).
And then, of course, you should try it on both printers :-D

if the problem isnt solved or at least concretized, i would suggest also to check if the paper tray is adjusted correctly...

27. ledna 2012, 15:14:37
Subjekt: Re:They don't sell those policies except for the fact that they can make lots of money on them.
ellieoop: i didnt buy the guarantee... must check the invoice, but if so, i didnt do it on purpose and they didnt charge...

27. ledna 2012, 06:09:21
Subjekt: Re:They don't sell those policies except for the fact that they can make lots of money on them.
(V): and Amazon just sent me a new "kindle" e-reader for free. I broke mine, stepped on it. They didnt even ask me to send my device back.

11. listopadu 2010, 13:22:12
Subjekt: Re: WINDOWS7 and USB-peripherals

i tried it out now -

unfortunately the problem still exists.

if it is such a common problem, MS still does not offer a fix?

thanks for your detailed help anyway...

10. října 2010, 15:28:23
Subjekt: Re: WINDOWS7 and USB-peripherals
SL-Mark: this sounds reasonable ;-) - ill try it later and report it.
As it is a common problem, the users may hope on a MS fix one day ?!

Thanks so far!

8. října 2010, 18:34:54
Subjekt: WINDOWS7 and USB-peripherals
Scanner, printer, camera... .

All USB-peripherals i connect with WIN7 (on various USB-ports, different USB-cards, some on the motherboard, some not) are recognized _sometimes_ and after a while the OS refuses to know them.


Sometimes i can print 1 page or scan 1 pic, and thats it.

Many people in different communities tell the same.
Any experiences?

2. dubna 2010, 12:22:24
Subjekt: Re: What's the word on the iPad?
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (2. dubna 2010, 12:23:36)

The IPad is not a laptop.

And it is - right now - poorly equipped!

There is no camera, no card-reader and not even an USB-Slot in it!

Right now, its just an object of prestige, an adults toy.

As a professional creative, i am using apple products for over 25 years now,

and i agree in the superb quality of the hardware, and the better stability of the operating system.

But as far as the IPad is concerned, i can tell you all to wait at least one year from now on if you think to buy it.

It wont push any laptop of the cliff (neither apple nor non-apple laptops) as long as the multimedia-abilities are that poor.

The apple leaders dont put a memory-card-reader inside to avoid storage-extension. It comes with a poor amount of GB though. If you, for example, simply want to import the pics of your non-apple digital camera, you need to buy additional adaptors cause there is no serial USB slot. You cant use videoconferencing cause there is no camera..... .

The touch-screen-technique is innovative and enjoyable. Not more.

20. ledna 2010, 13:51:19
Subjekt: Re:
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (20. ledna 2010, 13:52:49)
MadMonkey:I am using Avira AntiVir personal (the free version) for a couple of years. And i am happy with it. The update-server didnt work well for 2 or three months, but thats time ago and now everything works well.

17. ledna 2010, 11:15:20
you may try an uninstaller like "ashampoo uninstaller" or "absolute uninstaller" (just google for it). its mysterious, indeed, that it occurs on a new drive, but with uninstaller-software you can not make something wrong!

2. října 2009, 09:47:08
Subjekt: Re:Virus-Test / system backup...
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (2. října 2009, 09:47:42)
rabbitoid:why not test a virus? on a virtual system???    ;-)

By the way: any recomendations for the following task:
after installing a fresh system (xp pro sp3), all the drivers and a couple of daily used programs i want to save the whole thing in order to make it easy to re-install the complete thing.

I found "paragon hard disk manager" but even the trial-version does not allow me to do this. Are there other recommended programs?

22. září 2009, 23:32:26
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey:just to give first aid to broken windows... .

but for that issue, it works fine.

tell more about zour experience, cause i am thinking about a permanent ubuntu-disk, too... v;-)

15. září 2009, 10:24:32
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (15. září 2009, 10:25:27)
Maybe they're doing it on purpose?!

I uninstalled the latest "windows-security-update" (from the 9th of September)
and now firefox 3.x is working fine...

Just another poor attempt to "push" the IE?

13. září 2009, 10:50:28
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
(V):That sounds interesting and ill go and prove it - as i experienced the bug on an xp- _and_ a vista-computer...
browsing through all the firefox-chatrooms i meet some people who have the same probs... but one user even under linux...
this would mean the bug has nothing to do with the MS updates - but well, ill give it a try anyway!

13. září 2009, 09:56:50
Subjekt: Re: Another firefox bug:
(V):Hehe, first time i experienced that bug, i uninstalled that firefox 3.5 and installed version 2.xx and all worked fine.
This time even that trick does not work v;-)

12. září 2009, 09:37:44
Subjekt: Another firefox bug:

On at least two computers, firefow disappeares but not!

So there is no firefox window open, no active program.

Then, after starting firefox again, nothing happens or - sometimes -

the error window appears saying "firefox is already executed".

And indeed, launching the task manager, the process "firefow.exe" is listed.

Turning the process off and restarting firefox solves the problem...

12. září 2009, 09:34:39
Subjekt: again!

...the same behaviour!

I just updated my firefox (now 3.5.3) and immediately after restarting the browser tells me that the requested URL is not available.

Switching to IE, all works.


Its exactly the same i described before. Turned all firewalls off - nothing.

29. srpna 2009, 11:26:06
Subjekt: Re: Firefox bug?

Yep. It's the 3.5.2  -  but strange: i downgraded to 3.0 with an older CD and now its updated to 3.5.2 again and works fine!
Two other friends experienced the same and it was solved in the same way... .

Rabittoid: well, in the preferences there was nothing in (no proxy).

I was just curious cause this happened to others too if that was a well-known bug but doesn´t seem to be so ;-)

29. srpna 2009, 09:45:09
Subjekt: Firefox bug?
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (29. srpna 2009, 09:49:02)
Hello everyone - i experienced an inability to connect with the internet after upgrading to the latest firefox-version
 and the same happened to a couple of other users here on Lanzarote.

The Internet Explorer still worked "fine" (the word "fine" shouldnt be used cause after working with firefox for a couple of years the work with IE is like an essential downgrade...
)  and in Firefox the warning "internet connection does not seem to be working" appeared.
Turning firewalls off didnt help (this was suggested by the official firefox-help-site), only deinstalling the browser and installing an earlier version.

Somebody experienced similar things and/or knows whats behind this?

1. března 2009, 10:36:03
Subjekt: Re:
"GERRY":try a different browser, too!

or uninstall and reinstall your current one...

25. prosince 2008, 15:12:28
Subjekt: Re: Microsoft's sense of humor
wetware:WOW! nice one...

And good for system-administrators to increase their income

24. listopadu 2008, 18:22:58
Subjekt: Re:
Czuch:there are a couple of well-known problems running two anti-virus-progs at the same time.
But personally, I dont know any problems concerning spybot and adaware.

There is one nice effect when running both programs:
While scanning the running processes, one program identifies the other as possible malware...

But this can be just ignored... .

23. listopadu 2008, 14:12:46
Subjekt: Re:
Czuch:i can't find any reason _not_ to do that... ;-)

11. listopadu 2008, 18:03:08
Subjekt: USB-Storage-Devices under Vista and XP
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (11. listopadu 2008, 18:06:19)
Strange thing, now happened with several USB-Storage-Devices:

Normally after connecting the USB device, the autoplay-option (if used) shows a window asking you how you want to open the content.

For some time now, on various computers with vista or XP, some of those devices
aren't recognized any longer as devices with content,
but the Operating System asks, which program i want to use to open the  _file_.

But as if there are a couple of files on the device, this is not what windows should ask.

Formatting the device solves the problem, as well as right-clicking it and choosing "explore".
But what i wanted to see is a possibility of resetting the device without formatting it
(its okay for some GB sticks, nut not really helpful for a 250gig external hard disk )
or - of course - changing some registry-values (i already tried some, but this way it does not seem to work).

Any experience and/or suggestions out here??


7. října 2008, 00:01:21
Subjekt: Re:
rednaz23: do you use the full prog or just the flash-plugin?  -

how about re-installing the program?

have you tried to install the same file on another computer?

25. září 2008, 10:38:37
Subjekt: Re: fx plc (mitsubishi)
Hrqls:just tried several sites and they all give me the same .zip ,-(

and 2 p2p-progs do not have any results either

8. srpna 2008, 00:04:52
Subjekt: Re:
volant: maybe you should try connecting other pair of speakers,,,

7. srpna 2008, 19:56:41
Subjekt: Re:
volant: did you find anything? or is it now, besides the thunder, raining out of your speakers?

31. července 2008, 10:31:40
Subjekt: Re:
 volant: thunder? ;) mhmmm, i just repaired a computer that was infected by some adware that made such a sound... 

21. července 2008, 11:47:47
Subjekt: Re: AVG problem

well, this really looks as if you should wipe your AVG off and use an other antivirus-prog.

16. července 2008, 18:47:21
Subjekt: Re: AVG problem
Binabik: a firewall is a useful thing... .
turning the windows-firewall off means you do not have the control over the progs using the inernet - including possible "bad" ones.
its a good idea for sure to install another one, but step by step.
first you should solve your virus-scanner-problem.
as soon as you got one working fine on your computer, you may try to install a firewall, too.
if zoneAlarm didnt work well, try for example keryo... .

16. července 2008, 17:52:34
Subjekt: Re: .gif images

yep. i purchased it cause it worked quite well...

16. července 2008, 11:44:38
Subjekt: Re: AVG problem
Binabik: Its good to use an anti-virus-prog (e.g. AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, BitDefender etc.)
AND a firewall (ZoneAlarm, Keryo etc.).
WIndows XP and vista both have an integrated firewall.
People say that this integrated firewall is causing conflicts, so it can be turned off in the security-center of the xp-control-panel.
If your conflicts with AVG continue, the program should be uninstalled completely.
You might use a registry-cleaner (e.g. RegCleaner 4.3) to erase all AVG entries within the registry
in order to make sure there will be no conflicts any longer.

16. července 2008, 11:32:16
Subjekt: Re: .gif images

i use the ULEAD gif-animator

15. července 2008, 09:54:01
Subjekt: Re: AVG problem

does it happen with a different virus-scanner, too?

13. července 2008, 09:09:01
Subjekt: Re: AVG problem

You may try the following:
-   Uninstall the current version of AVG  -> restart -> disable anything else.
-   Install a new AVG (or any other downloaded anti-virus-prog)
-   run the scanner...

6. července 2008, 12:26:52
Subjekt: Re: iPod after puter crash

itunes isnt able to find the songs on the path that was defined before. there is a function in itunes to search for all available data on your disks ans put it into the library. this could solve your problem - if the songs can be found somewhere on your disk(s).

23. června 2008, 09:37:53
Subjekt: Re: Help with Vista
paully: this may be easily checked out by trying other cd-roms... .

generally, many progs and drivers still do not work properly under vista - but your equipment should at least read your cd-roms.

16. června 2008, 13:07:14
Subjekt: Re: Slave HD
Změněno uživatelem diogenysos (16. června 2008, 13:11:39)
Baked Alaskan:

you dont have to take it out of the tower - just disconnect the cable once.

and you may enter the BIOS to auto-detect the hard drive again and then restart your operating system!


6. dubna 2008, 12:41:46
Subjekt: Re:

i am running out of suggestions now. just one more hint:
depending on the mainboard it may take up to a whole year until the power/data gets lost after the removal of the battery.
maybe you can find a nice place on your shelf to store that laptop for the next months...

6. dubna 2008, 12:15:48
Subjekt: Re:

hmmmm - how about resetting it all by shorting out the CMOS-battery-poles??

6. dubna 2008, 11:32:08
Subjekt: Re:

found a website listing a lot of master-passwords here:


maybe the right one for your mainboard can be found there...

6. dubna 2008, 11:02:30
Subjekt: Re:

no hotkey to change the boot-values directly before entering the BIOS? many laptops use F12 or something similar¿!

5. října 2007, 10:11:34
Subjekt: Re:
MadMonkey: how about connecting a different monitor to your sisters pc?

12. srpna 2007, 11:57:11
Subjekt: Re: Oh Why, Oh Why ?........

in fact, ive got no idea why this may happen, except firefox being damaged in certain way (probably by using it too frequently, it simply wants to retire in honour), but obviously there are no system- or hardware-problems on your CPU (why should IE run that quickly if you had some...) and as it seems to be a firefox-problem i would recommend to deinstall and reinstall, maybe even an older version of firefox.

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