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Discuss about the BrainKing Stairs.

  • Stairs Rules
  • To find out what stairs you can currently challenge someone in, first go to the Main Stairs Page, then click on "Show your stairs only" link. The ones in BOLD are ones you can make a challenge in.

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    11. března 2015, 16:27:28
    Subjekt: Game
    I DID NOT reitrie fell and .broke my right shoulder and arm 2 they are telling me I will never have full use of my shouler again still want 2 play if you will Thanks

    21. října 2012, 17:36:50
    Subjekt: Re: Question: while Retired, how can I see my position?
    furbster: yes, it just shows me all my stairs, and in each one I can see that I am retired, and all others positions.
    I have un-retired now, so it doesn't matter anymore at this time to me. But it would be a nice addition to display my level while I am retired.

    21. října 2012, 15:57:13
    Subjekt: Re: Question: while Retired, how can I see my position?
    Aganju: I'm not sure if it will work, but have you tried clicking on the stairs link on your profile page?

    11. září 2012, 21:26:41
    Subjekt: Re: Question: while Retired, how can I see my position?
    Změněno uživatelem rod03801 (11. září 2012, 21:27:58)
    Aganju: It might work if you "unretire". And then simply "Re-retire", if you want.

    Of course you would have to stay unretired for 14 days. So that may not be the best option.

    11. září 2012, 19:12:18
    Subjekt: Question: while Retired, how can I see my position?
    While 'retired', according to the rules, my position in a stair is 'temporarily hidden from others'.
    However, it seems it is hidden for me too! Does anyone know how I can see my position (step level) in a stair where I am currently inactive ('retired')?

    20. července 2011, 00:43:57
    Subjekt: Re:
    Aganju: One of the people on your level of the stairs, is a Brain Pawn (non paying member). He/she is at their 20 game limit.

    Your best option would be to recruit people to join you on that set of Stairs . Perhaps post on the GO discussion board and someone may join you. http://brainking.com/en/Board?bc=118

    19. července 2011, 23:38:40
    I'm trying to challenge someone - anyone - in the Slow Go stairs (http://brainking.com/en/Stairs?tri=3477).
    However, there is just one name to pick for me, and if I pick him, I get the message that I cannot challenge that player because he is at his game lmit.

    Is this a known lmitation? Any idea what I can do?

    19. července 2011, 05:10:40
    Subjekt: Re: Draw In a stair challenge game?
    Thanks! Then I'm not going to accept a draw.

    19. července 2011, 04:55:50
    Subjekt: Re: Draw In a stair challenge game?
    Aganju: you stay on the stair you are currently on

    19. července 2011, 04:37:30
    Subjekt: Draw In a stair challenge game?
    I could not find anything about what happens if a stair challenge game ends with a draw (be it agreed or forced).
    Does anyobe know? Did anyone ever try?

    18. dubna 2011, 16:52:37
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re: re: challenge
    Stair rule 5) ..........For example, if you stay on step 6, you can challenge players from step 6,5,4 or 3.

    what happen if player on step 6 lost a game to the one on step 3, then step 6 move down to step 5, and step 3 move up to step 4......how about the original players on step 5 and step 4....actually they have nothing to do with the game between step 6 vs step 3.....

    will the original step 5 player move up to step 6? and the original step 4 player move down to step 3? I just don't know how to figure it out....

    the stair or ladder rule of online game is always not perfect...the online game, especially the turnbased online game is just a less serious form of playing the game...
    if you want to be a good player, you must to be serious in that business...

    18. dubna 2011, 14:03:13
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re: re: challenge
    one more about the stair rule:
    2) If u win a game you move up 1 step, if you lose a game you move down 1 step...and
    5) you can only challenge another player on the same step or within 3 lower as you

    it is unfair for the one at the top, the no.1 player must challenge the 3 players below, when he lost he has to move down 1 step, and when he won he cannot move up anywhere

    the rule is set up that you can ONLY move above anyone without beating that player.

    I think you have to beat the player to take his place...you have to beat the no.1 to be the true no.1

    16. dubna 2011, 18:35:12
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subjekt: Re: an abandoned discussion board like this
    computeropponen: Please visit this board. There have been no posts there since the creation thereof.

    15. dubna 2011, 23:37:49
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: an abandoned discussion board like this
    My first post here dated 9 March 2011 and the last post by Jaak before me dated 3 July 2009
    It has been one year 5 months and 6 days in between, a loooong time no one has posted at this board
    It seems that people just abandoned this discussion board or they have nothing to discusss about it.....

    I have posted here 8 x in two days....It is too many....

    10. března 2011, 14:26:40
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: re: challenge
    I sugest that the challenge rule change :
    you can only challenge up
    you can challenge any one above you not only the one at the same stair.

    now you can move up only one stair each time when you win one game, too slow to move up

    9. března 2011, 21:01:05
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re:improvement?
    yes.. there are good side of this site
    as you said that this site is better than most turnbased site.

    9. března 2011, 20:54:48
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re:improvement?
    still you are talking the same tone
    i did not insult any body playing here
    there are many factor to be considered in a real game
    see.. I used the word REAL OR LIVE for the over the board game.
    the playing condition is not the same

    what i am talking is the
    just look at the highest level, the world chinese chess champion is much better than a correspondence chinese chess champion

    9. března 2011, 20:32:11
    Subjekt: Re:improvement?
    computeropponen: Well, I don't make those sort of decisions here. So, my point was, why complain about "turn based" specifically, yet play anyway. If ANYthing, this site offers even MORE options as far as "time" goes, than many other turn based sites.
    And maybe it's a language difference thing, but it sounded like you were insulting those who DO play at turn based sites. "a good live game player is much better than a turnbased game player"
    If that is the case, then play at a live game site. Easy solution, to me. That's all I meant.

    9. března 2011, 16:12:58
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re:improvement?
    when someone pointed out the bad side of playing at turnbased site, you just say play here accept as it is or go to other site. you never consider how to improve the playing environment....good player will come here to play....

    9. března 2011, 00:57:53
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re: why it is not a sport
    VA_M.O.N.E.Y.: you said that you waited 3 hours for your opponent to play...another guy said that your opponent not even at site when you play, because it is a turnbased site.....any sport, your opponents are always insight, after the game you may shake his hands too for friendship.

    9. března 2011, 00:44:42
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re: the way I play the game
    anyway I still treat it a live game to play..that is..I don't use book and computer, and I move like as if I play an "OTB " game.

    9. března 2011, 00:35:21
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re:
    rod03801: sometimes you have to test your strength after you lost many live games for blood

    see if you still good enough to beat the turnbased player for fun

    9. března 2011, 00:25:10
    Subjekt: Re:
    computeropponen: Then why play at a turn based game site? It is clearly stated that this is what Brainking is.

    9. března 2011, 00:17:47
    ur a cheater dr 
    Subjekt: Re:
    I have the same feeling about the turn-base game
    that felling is " mad" "almost angry"
    when mt opponent just login and logout but not resign the hopeless game.
    a good live game player is much better than a turnbased game player. I

    3. července 2009, 11:38:35
    Subjekt: Chess with doubling cube!!!
    Funny! I created stairs Seven points match stairs for fellowship One and I had an idea with doubling cube.
    I marked backgammon but I didn´t notice device setting chess.
    What will happen if some chess players want to play here?

    24. listopadu 2008, 19:18:19
    Subjekt: Slow stairs.
    Anyone who is in Slow Stairs Chess at or above step 3, where are you!?!? I'm waiting for your challenge!


    (They call me the Whoosta-Nator.)

    3. září 2007, 16:30:44
    Adaptable Ali 
    Změněno uživatelem Adaptable Ali (3. září 2007, 19:31:57)
    I am not sure if somebody has asked this before or not, but i will have to retire from all of my stairs soon and i am in so many, is there a feature already implimented where i can retire from all of them at a click of a button instead of going through them all one by one.

    13. srpna 2007, 22:52:47
    Baked Alaskan 
    Subjekt: Re:

    I'll play you as long as you dont complain about how long it takes to make moves 

    (I'll send a 1 day time limit invite)  

    13. srpna 2007, 18:19:36
    would anyone like to challenge me in a game mancala, if you are waiting?

    13. srpna 2007, 02:51:11
    Subjekt: Re:
    VA_M.O.N.E.Y.: To add a couple of things to what rod said,

    Think of a turn-based games site like way-back when people use to play chess by the mail. That is they would make a move, then send a postcard through the mail to someone who in turn made a move and sent them the move back and forth through the mail.

    So a lot of people will sign on, make moves on the games they have, then leave the site. Then maybe the next day, they will sign back on and see what moves they have waiting for them.

    Like rod mentioned, there are even faster time limits (like complete games within 1 hour), but in my opinion - if you like live games, there are other game sites out there that offer live games. But turn-based games might grow on you. Give it a try - that is, start some games - make your moves - then come back tomorrow and check to see what games have moves waiting.

    13. srpna 2007, 02:42:46
    Subjekt: Re:
    VA_M.O.N.E.Y.: Lots of things have to be taken into account, firstly they might not even be on the site when you challenged them, also they might have a lot of games to play and yours will be delt to in the process of time. Stay cool lifes to short to speed it up.

    13. srpna 2007, 02:42:27
    Subjekt: Re:
    VA_M.O.N.E.Y.: I guess you have never been part of a turn based game site. That IS how things work. You have a time limit per move.

    You will find it is RARE to NOT have people take a few hours before they move.. In fact it not rare that it be days between moves. That is the nature of the turn based game site. It is for people who WANT that type of flexibility. You need to choose your time limits wisely, ALWAYS expecting that many of your opponents could take the entire time allotted to them.

    13. srpna 2007, 02:35:49
    oh, i didn't know that the games weren't live so my bad for that one.... but regardless of how they want to " spend their time" i should not have to wait 3 hours for my opponent to play when you in a tournament...right? whatsup with that?

    13. srpna 2007, 02:27:55
    Subjekt: Re:
    Změněno uživatelem rod03801 (13. srpna 2007, 02:30:19)
    VA_M.O.N.E.Y.: You only joined this site 3 or 4 hours ago! Patience!. This is a turn based game site, not LIVE games. You need to expect that people will possibly take the time alotted to them.

    And fakar10 is right, people CAN'T turn down Stairs challenges.

    And posts of this type are generally frowned upon on Brainking.

    13. srpna 2007, 02:17:30
    Sylfest Strutle 
    Subjekt: Re:
    1. Relax.
    2. This doesn't sound like a Stairs issue, since your opponent couldn't turn down your challenge.
    3. Relax..
    4. Your opponents are free to spend their time however they want to.
    5. Relax...

    13. srpna 2007, 01:54:51
    what the hell is the point of excepting a game if you're not going to play it. so for future reference don't except my invitation if you are going take 1000 years to make your move and play!!!!!!!

    13. května 2007, 10:18:32
    Adaptable Ali 
    Subjekt: Re:
    Family Man: Yes i agree, i have just had to go through all my stairs to put myself on retirement, due to my forthcoming holiday

    10. května 2007, 00:05:21
    Family Man 
    Okay, I just looked at the rules for stairs and it doesnt say anywhere that you can automatically be put on retirement. Well when I came back on after about a month away with computer problem I was on retirement in all of my stairs. Also I just went in to remove my retirement and it was a long painstaking requirement.

    There should be some way to end retirement in all stairs at one time please!

    4. května 2007, 04:11:11
    Family Man 
    Subjekt: Re:
    rod03801: I did not start my retirement, and I dont know how to end it either.

    Will there be a link for me to use once the 7 days are finished?

    4. května 2007, 02:51:39
    Subjekt: Re:
    Family Man: This is from the Stairs rules:

    9) If you want to take a break from the Stairs but you don't want to leave completely (as described in the previous point), you can use a Retirement:

    * When you set a Retirement, your Step position will be hidden for other players and they cannot challenge you.
    * You must finish your started games even if you set a Retirement and the wins/loses still count and change your Step position (although it is hidden).
    * You cannot end the Retirement until at least 7 days pass. After you finish the Retirement, you cannot start a new one within 14 days

    3. května 2007, 16:19:55
    Family Man 
    I have been put on retirement from all my stairs when my computer was down. It says that my earliest time to come off retirement is May 7th. How do I activate this to happen please?

    14. března 2007, 23:57:56
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    Andersp: I'll have to try it with somebody I know - Thanks for ALL the info

    14. března 2007, 23:54:28
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    srnity: I guess it doesnt change anything in that game

    14. března 2007, 23:52:57
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    Andersp: Ok, so if they have autopass and I have autopass, it just automatically uses itself, yes?...So what happens if it's turned off in the middle of a game tho?...by either player, that is...

    14. března 2007, 23:47:08
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    srnity: No..you dont need to "ask", but if you challenge an opponent who has "no autopass" in settings than you cant use it either.  So in fact its your opponent who decides if your settings are in use or not....fair?...ask Fencer :)

    14. března 2007, 23:41:24
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    Andersp: So I just went and selected autopass, but it's only available for backgammon and variants, right? And do I really have to "ask" each opponent if it's okey to use with them?

    14. března 2007, 23:37:07
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    srnity: Would be nice if we could see the opponents settings before we challenge him/her

    14. března 2007, 23:34:41
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    Andersp: Yeah, which makes autopass a pretty useless feature if you ask me. I've set my setting to autopass as soon as it was possible, but so far, I've yet to encounter an opponent that lets me play with it.

    Perhaps I should change strategy. Whenever I have to use pass manually I wait till just before my time runs out. ;-)

    14. března 2007, 23:31:55
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    Andersp: Ohhhhh, got it - thanks

    14. března 2007, 23:31:02
    Subjekt: Re: Backgammon Stairs and autopass
    srnity: No..i mean that it doesnt matter what your settings are if your opponent doesnt want autopass.

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